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Siri is the brainchild of a young Kenyan lady whose expertise in the fields of psychology and music coupled with a passion for education, drove her to create the brands that make Siri .
Working with schools, and having been brought up by teachers and school owners, she saw the challenges that schools face and is passionate about creating innovative solutions to enable schools grow.

In the year 2013, a band was formed by 8 youths from around Nairobi. This band was named Siri Ya Muziki. They wrote music and performed at many events until most of the members decided they would like to have their own solo careers. 

Wabi, our CEO, chose not to let the brand die, and instead chose to help artists through Siri Ya Muziki. After a year of prayer, planning, proposals and saving, in the year 2016, our Siri Ya Muziki Music & Languages Learning centre was born!

Meanwhile, Wabi had been working to train schools, organisations and the youth in psychosocial skills through a unique program based on the 4 Keys of Siri. Demand grew and thus Siri Trainers and Faciliators was founded!

Siri Ya Muziki and Siri Trainers are the brands that make up Siri Consultants. They represent love for the society, a belief in the dreams of persons, and a passion to enable persons achieve their dreams.

Our Vision

The Siri Consultants envision a world in which education institutions thrive. 

This is a world in which the quality and standards of education are high and thus, all stakeholders get the best out of investing in education.

Our Mission

Our Mission as The Siri Consultants is to grow and enhance the education sector in Africa by patnering with schools  to achieve our vision.

It is thus our mission to see individual schools achieve their visions.


949- Kiongo Close 
Kikuyu, Kenya


Phone: +254 706 394 729 


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