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Bridging Gaps for your success

School owners have a vision for their schools but often face many challenges that hinder them from achieving it. Using research, we find out the best possible solutions for our clients and work at implementing them, and achieving their dreams.

How Siri Works

The first step to getting started is booking your consultation.
A Siri professional will come to your school and you will get answers to your most pressing questions.

Research & Needs Assesment
Monitoring & Evaluation

Siri Service Delivery Outline

how it works

Step 1


Here, the school administrator discusses- with a professional Siri Consultant- challenges that they are facing in their school.

These could be challenges such as *market stagnation, *poor or average performance, *low revenue, *ineffective foreign language lessons  among many others

Step 2

General solutions report and access to products

The Siri Consultant and the administrator discuss possible solutions to these challenges. The Consultant gives advice on best practice as well as products that would come in handy.

At this stage, if the admin is satisfied, they can exit and implement solutions on their own.

Step 3

Research and Needs assessment

Here, the school contracts Siri to conduct a needs assessment as well as research to independently and open-mindedly find out challenges, causes and possible solutions applicable based on their socio-cultural environment.

Analysis of the data collected occurs at this stage using professional research analysis methods and personnel.

Step 4

Recommendations & Implementation

The school receives the findings and recommendations.
They then choose which recommendations they are willing/able to implement based on their resources, intended outcome or priority.

At this stage, the school may decide to 

Step 5

Implementation & Monitoring

Siri Consultants then monitor the progress and implementions with the aim of mitigating failure and  resolving challenges in the success of the resolution 

Step 6


Siri evaluates the success of the project. This is based on findings from all stakeholders, as well as previous findings during the research phase. 


At Siri, we endeavour to bridge any gaps your school may have to ensure that we unlock your school's full potential.
Partnering with Siri will not only give you professional cutting edge services at affordable rates, but it will also empower you with knowledge and insight.

 We offer packaged services in the following key areas.

Business Consultation
Co Curricular Lessons
Psychological Intervention

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