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Siri Solutions

Below are some solutions Siri has successfully offered our clients

  1. Language Lessons - Siri has offered foreign and local language lessons to a number of schools that use different curricular. All our consultants are trained in the Siri Teaching methods to ensure individualised, personalised learning. Our product works for any system of education.  Get Siri Language lessons for your school now
  2. School Counselling - Siri has offered school counselling services to schools at an affordable rate, adding value.  Our counsellors are registered with KAPC and trained in the vital 4 Keys of Siri. Get a Siri School Counsellor now 
  3. Business Development - Siri conducts market research for a couple of schools. This research enables schools to find ways in which they can grow their market share, thus increasing revenue. Get a Siri Business Development Consultant now
  4. Psychology-based Siri School Package - Siri offers a wholesome training package for schools that utilises personality and learning styles to craft effective learning strategies. Get the Siri Training Package now              


Schools offered Business Consultation

The Siri Consultants have offered business consultation and market research to 20 schools so far. 


Schools we based our research on

The Siri Consultants have studied challenges, solutions, and outcomes in these schools. 

Schools we provide with Music & Language Lessons

Using our product Siri Ya Muziki, we have provided the above to 8 schools and 200 families.


School Counsellors provided

The Siri Conultants have so far partnered with 40 schools to provide counsellors (both temporary and permanent)


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